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Operatives are fully certified for all operations from NPTC, ATB Landbase, Pershore College, Worcester City Council, IPAF and ADAS.

And we carry, of course, Public Liability Insurance and a waste carriers licence.


Tree Surgery

We are professional tree surgeons providing a comprehensive service at competitive rates.

 We provide quality of service and customer satisfaction.  
A formal risk assessment is carried out before work commences in critical areas and the site is provided with safety signs where appropriate.

All work is carried out to British Standard BS3998 and the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981) regarding birds nests and bat roosts, and Hedgerow Regulations (1997)

With conservation always in mind we try and achieve a balance between necessary operations for tree health and safety, whilst safeguarding niches for wildlife.


  • Crown reductions, reshaping, thinning and lifting.
  • Dismantling of dangerous trees and branches
  • Dismantling trees above property
  • Pollarding & coppicing
  • Felling
  • Weight reduction
  • Conservation area and tree preservation order checks


Fruit Tree and Orchard Management

We have considerable experience in pruning apple, pear and plum trees gained producing fruit suitable for major supermarkets.

We have been trained both in traditional pruning and also using latest techniques calming vigorous trees to produce fruit buds - thereby saving work in the long term.

 Neglected fruit trees can often be pruned back into shape prolonging their life, fruiting and vigour. 

Old fruit trees are excellent for wildlife and aesthetic value providing nest sites and habitat for many insects.  A harmony between good fruiting and wildlife can be achieved in many orchards.  Pruning a fruit tree breathes life and can prevent trees from dying.

We have pruned and surveyed many orchards for English Nature bringing ancient trees back to life


Hedge Management

Hedgerows take on all shapes and sizes.  The wider the range of hedgerows the wider the range of wildlife.

Wild Contracts offer a complete hedgerow restoration service including:

  • Reduction and control of all hedges including Leylandii
  • Consultation on species mix, problem species, planting, wildlife conservation, and restoration techniques
  • Traditional hedge laying using coppiced materials.
  • Integrating hedge and field borders for farming and wildlife.


Habitat Management and Creation

Maybe you have a boggy area that you’d like to transform into a wetland-wildlife haven attracting Snipe, amphibians and Grass Snakes.  Or a scruffy corner transformed into a mini-meadow attracting butterflies and bees. 

If your woodland is covered in brambles and nettles transform it into a haven of wildflowers, butterflies and attract mammals and birds.

Chances are you have an area where attracting wildlife is possible, to enjoy with family and friends.

Perhaps you would like us to design a more formal water garden.

Develop your ideas with advice from a graduate ecologist.


Coppice Restoration and Woodland Management

Large areas of UK woodland are suffering from neglect and degradation having been unmanaged for a number of decades. Much of these woodlands are old coppice or plantations that have not been thinned. They now need management to prevent them being lost or degrading the timber. It is possible to bring many of these woodlands back to life and production.

Coppicing is an ancient form of woodland management where trees are cut to stumps or stools and allowed to regenerate.  When they grow to a size where a product can be made from the tree it is re-cut forming a cycle or rotation.

Coppice forms the understorey of a woodland and is a regular and sustainable source of timber which has many uses. The most common trees to be coppiced are Hazel, Chestnut and Willow.

Coppicing allows a range of age and heights in a woodland, with this variation comes a diversity of flora and fauna.  Coppicing allows light in to the woodland floor allowing wildflowers to grow, encouraging butterflies and birds to re-colonise a formerly dark woodland.

As part of restoring neglected woodland it is important to maintain the fences and gates, this can help to control damage that is caused by deer and rabbits to young trees.  Maintaining and restoring ditches can help to keep vehicles out as well as ensuring the wood doesn't become waterlogged. This can seriously affect the health of trees.  Trees that are unstable in wet ground can be blown over in high winds. Previously sheltered trees can then be blown over having become exposed to the wind.   



Wildlife and Water Garden Design to Construction

Design a tranquil space buzzing with wildlife. Wild Contracts offer complete design to construction from ponds to streams and waterfalls.

Build a traditional pond or a natural looking stream with boulders, waterfalls and lush planting.  Nurture slug-eating amphibians in a bog garden teaming with butterflies and bumblebees.

Lose yourself in a cottage garden alive with colour, scent and insect life or revive a shady border with ferns, Foxglove and Hellibore.

Allow us to nurture your ideas with our ecological knowledge and creative flair to produce your ideal space.



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